Control by measurement

Sensors for Road Profiling and Integrators

LIMAB offers laser sensors for the Road Profiling business for measurements of rutting, IRI, longitudinal profile, transverse profile and texture. Road Profiling is a very demanding sensor application and requires high sample speed, high accuracy and reliability in harsh environments. LIMAB has taken all this into account and developed the Road Profiling product families RoadRun TexRough and RoadRun System. All RoadRun sensors are self contained and all signal processing is done in the sensors. RoadRun System is available with Ethernet interface, while RoadRun TexRough is available with RS422/ClockData.

The RoadRun system sensors are also integrated into other applications, when the customer is looking for fast and accurate sensor with Ethernet interface. 



The product family RoadRun from LIMAB offers the following advantages:

  • Several product variants specially adapted to the measurement task
  • Sampling frequencies from 2 to 64 kHz
  • Rugged and industrial design
  • Insensitive for colour variations
  • Low Noise
  • Increased resolution and accuracy 
  • Integrated Center-of-Gravity evaluation of measured distance and a 16 times sub-pixling 
  • Low sensitivity for secondary reflections and background radiation. CCD evaluation of distance
  • No extra control unit
  • Wide power supply voltage rating (9.5V .. 36V DC) 
  • Range mask property to minimize number of spare sensors
  • Double windows to minimize risk for condensation
  • Plug-and-play with other suppliers
  • Fully synchronized when using RoadRun System sensors



  • CAN to Ethernet box for system builders. Synchronisation of CAN messages with sensor measurement data.
  • PowerSync Box for system builders. Distribution of power supply, synchronisation signals and Ethernet interface.

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